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Itineraries for your holiday all'Abetone

In the summer Abetone is transformed into a tourist destination to live in contact with nature and the landscape around him. Tourists can count on numerous hiking opportunities to admire the landscape rich in flora and fauna. We offer some natural routes to go to appreciate the Abetone even in summer, outside the seasons updates.

On Boscolungo, driving along a path about two and a half hour journey that leads directly to Mount Paper Open. The trail winds along a steep and offers a very impressive performance and a breathtaking panorama. After a stop on Mount Paper Open, tourists can take another path to reach the Monte Cimone, which with its 2165 meters is the peak dell'Appennino higher.

As an alternative to this course you can always leave and go Boscolungo two paths:

  1. the first leading to the Foce Capolino, unfolds in a three-hour journey through the sources of river Sestaione, very impressive.
  2. The second, commonly called "variant of the lakes, leading to the beautiful high altitude lakes: Lake plate is the most beautiful visit, located in Val di Luce in the middle of a beautiful landscape dominated by an imposing hotel. This course is suitable for the tourist who is there all day.

The entire Val di Luce is well equipped with numerous winter sports facilities, and you can reach not only the paths listed above, but also from SS12, so that it can be achieved even more lazy tourists comfortably in the car. For those who I want to deepen their knowledge in the Apennine flora, is a botanical garden, part of the itineraries dell'Ecomuseo Mountain Pistoiese.

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is located in high Sestaione Valley. The garden houses a large amount of plants of great scientific interest, some of them endangered. The Botanic Garden opened to the public since 1987 and covers an area of approximately 14,000 square meters, consisting mainly of vegetation typical of the Apennines and other wood species are imported. Part of the garden is composed of limestone rocks and a pond located in the middle of a wetland area.

The forest is crossed by a full path then branches off in two directions: a door until Sestaione stream, the other on the left leads to a huge boulder covered with a large variety of mosses and lichens. Later the main trail leads directly to the rocky dell'Orto Botanico, which houses some typical plants of the Mountain Pistoiese.

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