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AC Pistoiese - the history of football in Pistoia

The U. S. Pistoiese born on 21 April 1921 by the merger of the first team Pistoia Foot-Ball Club el'Audace. In the early years of football training pistoiese rise the first problems to be resolved to enable the team to contest the official competitions: the colors are chosen social, and built the stadium Monteoliveto, where he played until the'60s.

The first championship Official Pistoiese is played in the season 22-23 in a tournament of the 3rd Division Tuscany, where the orange team win the first round and then eliminated the final coming in next season in 2nd Division. 1927 represents for the company and fans a year dream: the city celebrates the victory of the Cup Arpino, the beating Atalanta, Triestina and Legnano, managing finally to be known beyond regional boundaries. The following year was the turning point: February 26 1928 Pistoiese is mathematically promoted in the premier league and is included in group B.

Because of the new rules of the Federation the league will become a single group composed of the first 6 teams of the two groups, the road is forced to lower back in the series. So begins the adventure of the team in Serie B, with the aim of returning as soon as possible in National premier league. Unfortunately, it is not an easy championship, despite the presence of the sample garments sanos Nekadoma in a coach, the road is able to obtain a position of center classifies and ensure salvation. For years hard for society, and 35-36 in the championship, because of a financial crisis, relegated to lower division series C and inevitably fails.

We collect such funds to form the new company: A. C. Pistoia, being accepted for 1st Division for the season 37-38 and 39-40 in dispute is the last championship before the war clashes.

The years of postwar

Refounded in 1945 is the U. S. Pistoiese being admitted directly to the championship series C South Center Pool A. A year later, the game against the Lucchese which is decisive for the promotion in B: a game full of tensions and emotions, the Lucchese goes ahead with a goal irregular and at a later time a player of the Lucchese rejects hands a shot directly at the port but the referee says no rigor. E 'at this point that supporters of Pistoiese pull down the fences and inveiscono against the director of race and may result in the lynching. The arbitrator will have them for about 2 months to heal completely. The field of Pistoiese was disqualified for 6 months. But thanks to vacancies in the division, the road is admitted to the cadet championship together with Carrarese and Viareggio.

In the years to follow between reforms and football championships unfortunate Pistoiese comes to wrangle matches in the amateur regional leagues for 8 consecutive years, until the championship 58-59, when the road turns into a real goal machine with 77 networks made sign Defense stronger league. Arriva so a decade all played continuously in the C series, with great satisfaction on the part of fans and society.

In'70 the team knows the floor once again back and the whole society must swallow bitter mouthfuls for another 2 seasons until football championship 76-77 show that the Pistoiese in series B after an absence that lasted for 29 years.

1980 looks like the year of redemption the company promises: June 1 Pistoiese the draw with Lecce and qualifies automatically Series A. Begin the work of expansion of the stadium, which are brought to 25,000 seats.

The 90s and today

In 1990, more precisely on 11 January, the company changed its name to A. C. Pistoiese, and after months of silence, finally the stage again to be felt, the fans crowd the stands every Sunday and Pistoia color is orange again and the team manages to deservedly win the championship 90-91 and celebrates the deserved promotion to C2 and two years later managed to climb to C1. But this will be a championship impervious, particularly risky and very difficult for a team still inexperienced in addition to the new amendments to the Federation Cup: 3 points for victories and introduction of the play-offs and play-out.

After years of hard work the company manages to win the B with a play-off against the breathtaking Fiorenzuola, and at the end of regulation time, in the clash with the rigors champion Angelo Bassoon marks the goal that brings Pistoiese in football that counts. Unfortunately, the team is not well equipped to support a difficult championship like that of B and is found soon to C1 with consequent abandonment of the team of President Maltinti, the man who in only 6 seasons led the Pistoiese Amateur in the series B.

In 1997 the reins of the team pass into the hands Luciano Bozzi contractor that manages the play-off to bring the orange in series B. This time, however, with 4 points penalty: a heavy burden for the newly-promoted, starting from -4 in a tough league like that of B. The championship will prove difficult as predicted, but to the surprise of everyone can make Pistoiese yet another miracle and manages to survive.

We arrived at the 2003-2004 season, which has a team of people capable and motivated, with all the grit is needed to tackle a new championship dream and do all the fans orange. Currently, the military Pistoiese in C1.

Emergency Information

Company AC Pistoiese
Via GB Venturi, No 1 / B
51100 Pistoia
Phone: 0573 935 249
Fax: 0573 935 250
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