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Theaters in Pistoia and environs

For tourists fond of theaters and prose in general, the province of Pistoia offers numerous opportunities and shows the ancient Theater, with seasons of theater nationally. Complete your holiday in Pistoia, wrap in a time without visiting the oldest theaters province of Pistoia.

Teatro Manzoni of Pistoia

This beautiful theater was inaugurated in 1694 and over 700 were used by a school dance, dall'Accademia of Noble and billiard room. In 1755 the architect Antonio Bibiena planned a major restoration work: interventions were carried out on the audience and the proscenium and was created a ditch around all'orchestra to separate it from the public. Over the years that followed were initiated several plans of action for restructuring the theater to the form that we see today. Recall that from 1998 is the home of "Toscano Regional Center for Dance" which is to promote and enhance the independents in Tuscany.

Useful information
Teatro Manzoni
Corso Gramsci, 127 - Pistoia (PT)
Phone: 0573 991 61

Theater G. Pacini Pescia

It was inaugurated in 1728 and renamed in 1889 to Giovanni Pacini, known Sicilian composer. During the years have been performed several restorations that have made several changes to the original design. The most recent restoration was implemented under the Integrated Project FIO-Tuscany region for the theater building, by the architect Francesco Guerrieri. The theater was well equipped with the most modern theater equipment suited to meet the current needs dramatic theater.

Useful information
Theater G. Pacini
Piazza S. Francis, 9 - Pescia (PT)
Phone: 0572 490 049

Theater G. Greens in Montecatini Terme

The theater was built between 1828 and 1829 and inaugurated in 1930 with Verdi's Aida. Until 1940 the theater was mainly used for opera performances, after it was widely used as a cinema, only recently have hosted radio shows of considerable thickness on behalf of RAI.

Useful information
Theater G. Verdi
Viale Verdi, 45 - Montecatini Terme (PT)
Phone: 0572 789 03

National Theater of Quarrata

In theater activities and musical theater, but is also used as a cinema: films are in fact projected that combine commercial and film quality, with great success and auteur films.

Useful information
National Theater
Via Montalbano, 11 - Huddersfield (PT)
Phone: 0573 775 65

Piccolo Teatro Mauro Bolognini

It was built in the'30s and after a long period of neglect that has caused an inevitable deterioration of the structure, recently began work on the restoration and renovation that have given way to recover the traditional theater, prose and concerts. The theater is also intended to conferences, seminars and civic meetings.

Useful information
Little Theater Mauro Bolognini
Via del Preso, 5 - Pistoia (PT)
Phone: 0573 991 609

Theater P. Mascagni of Piteglio

Built on the ashes of an old building belonged to the family Benedetti, starting in 1890 was the seat before the Philharmonic in the country named after Peter and SCAGNI But after the local Filodrammatica. Since 1996, municipalities of Abetone, Cutigliano, Piteglio and San Marcello signed an agreement for the management of the theater supra, performed by the four municipalities in the mountains of Pistoia in collaboration with the Association Pistoiese Theater and Performing Arts Foundation Tuscany, so as to ensure a programming with performances worthy of note nationally. The theater offers a season full of prose and various local initiatives.

Useful information
Theater P. Mascagni
Via delle Corti - Town Popiglio, Piteglio (PT)
Phone: 0573 674 108

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