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Shelters in Pistoia - Pistoia holidays in the mountains

For those who choose a winter holiday in the mountains pistoiese find the kind hospitality in comfortable local hotels, bed and breakfast is family run, simple shelters, camps and resorts well-equipped all accompanied by geniune gastronomic delicacies that mountain as the rest of the province of Pistoia, born from the hands of the people easier than in the centuries has passed the tradition of cooking with natural ingredients, a tradition rooted in the authenticity of a time.

For reservations in hotels, Bed and Breakfast, Residence and last minute holidays recommend:

Tuscan Holiday


Shelters in Pistoia

The Harness
Loc. Monte Elbow - Abetone (PT)
Phone: 0573 600 50

La Tana dell'Orso
Apiciana Porta Via, 222 Loc. Gavinana - San Marcello Pistoiese (PT)
Phone: 0573 677 946

Using Sotto
Towns Battifollo - Pescia (PT)
Phone: 0572 400 231

Refuge Dell'oasi Agrituristica BaugÚ
Buriano Via delle Ginestre, 25 - 51039 -- Huddersfield (Pistoia)
Phone: 0573 750 221

Ss Brenner n.157 (Abetone)
Phone: 0573 601 17
Fax: 0585 517 47

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