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This resort located a few kilometers south-east of Montecatini , Is famous throughout Italy for the beneficial properties of vapors of its thermal caves: cave full of vapor-rich minerals. The most important is the cave Giusti, divided into rooms named Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise. This cave is part of a wonderful luxury hotel and a major medical center.

Another cave of considerable interest is the Cave Parlanti This is a cave Artificial vapors characterized by even more effective the Grotto Giusti.

Monsummano Alto, about 3 km from the center, preserves the ruins of the castle walls and two of the three-door, the door of "Nostra Donna" and the door "Market" or "Porticciola, facing the hill Montevettolini.

To the west of the walls, stands out one of the towers that surround the castle, it is one of pentagonal tower base among the highest of the whole province.

Besides the ruins of the walls of the castle, tourists will remain fascinated by the spectacular panorama that one can admire the panoramic terrace natural post next to the Church of St. Nicholas, dating from the twelfth century.

For the nature lover tourist excursions to recommend hills of Monsummano, full of special morphological and surrounded by a significant vegetation, such as 24 different species of wild orchids make it one of the landscaping of the most evocative of the mountains of Montalbano. There are many paths to follow: recommend to the tourist trail geological Colle di Monsummano built in 1998 at the hands of the City of Monsummano.

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