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Holidays in Pescia

Biennial Flower Bonsai Tourists who decide to spend his vacation near Pistoia, can make a quick trip to Mansfield, where in summer one in two is a florist: Pescia is a small town that boasts a great leadership throughout Italy, is the first National production of cut flowers such as carnations, gladioli, lilies and other types.

Every two years is organized colorful Biennial flower, hosted nell'enorme salon market in the suburb of the city. Many are the varieties of flowers that are exposed to visitors, some of which are real rarities such as "green carnation" and "the bright flower." This is an important event that bears the name of Tuscany and Pescia particularly in the world, making the flower Tuscan and national in general.

Useful information for tourists

Biennale del Fiore in Pescia
tel. 0572 453 108 fax 0572 453 010
e-mail: info@biennaledelfiore.it - http://www.biennaledelfiore.it

Tourist Office Pescia
(at ex Flower Market)
Via Fratelli Rosselli, 2 51017 Pescia (PT)
Time: Monday through Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00 and Thursday and Friday afternoon from the 14:00 to 17:00.
Tel. 0572 490 919 Fax. 0572 499 933
e-mail: turismo@comune.pescia.pt.it

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