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The strain of the hospital in Pistoia Strain the hospital in Pistoia

The hospital in Pistoia is the building that stands out most in the portion of the city in Via Matteotti. Its unique name "Hospital of strain," derives from the fact that there was a large tree trunk from which the collected alms. The building was built in the thirteenth century, and in the fifteenth century was enriched by a wonderful porch very similar to what the Brunelleschi designed for the Innocenti in Florence.

In portico stands out in a beautiful terracotta frieze painted bright colors and invetriata, produced by John Della Robbia on the theme of "Seven works of mercy" interspersed by "theological and cardinal virtues." In plumes of strings are inserted beautiful round decorated with the same technique.

The last panel to the right of the frieze was replaced in 1586 with a new design by Filippo di Lorenzo Paladini, the only free invetriatura.

It seems that within the hospital took lessons in medicine since the early sixteenth century, as evidenced by the performances on the frieze decorated Robbiano "Visit the sick," where the characters interpreted as students attending the sick. Despite this the school of medicine of Pistoia was founded in 1666 and his law was approved until 1784.

In the hospital room is set the small Museum of surgical instruments, which houses a collection of medical equipment used in hospitals and a number of ancient medical texts.

Useful information

Strain the hospital - Pistoia
Viale Matteotti, 9 / D - Tel. 0573-3521

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