Shopping and Dining in Pistoia

The cuisine of Pistoia in Tuscany

Local Food pistoiese remains faithful to the line of Tuscan cuisine, and based mainly on a few frugal and genuine ingredients cooked according to tradition.

Then we speak of simple dishes for centuries accompanying the tables of families in Tuscany, for example fettunta or pasta with beans. Tourists who is on holiday in Pistoia and around towns can go to one of the many farmhouses in the area to sample local dishes such as "crostini spleen", the "bread soup to Pistoia", the "offal soup" or prisoner (soup of bread and cheese), the feature "cioncia" made from parts of nose, cheeks and tail of the calf. In general soup with beans, potatoes, chickpeas, black cabbage and meat grilled or stewed.

All these delicacies are accompanied only by a good wine Tuscan.

Tourists can visit the many taverns and wine shops that crowd the area to buy a bottle of good wine to accost one of the favorite dishes of Tuscany. The kitchen pistoiese stands out in the kitchen of city and mountain cuisine, with dishes made with chestnuts, mushrooms and soups.

The cuisine of the mountain pistoiese lives especially of chestnut flour, used to castagnaccio, the Necci, the pancakes, the jams and the famous noodles of chestnut flour. Do not overlook the porcini mushrooms, wild fruit, excellent cheeses and fresh ricotta pastor.

Other products characteristic of Pistoia

brigidini of Lamporecchio (country in the province of Pistoia), characteristic sweet-based anise seeds, biroldo Pistoia, confetti Pistoia, Necci with ricotta cake with beaks, chestnut cake, chocolate.


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