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The Fattoria di Celle

Tourists on holiday in the area of Pistoia can make a visit to one of the centers of modern art most wanted in Italy: Fattoria di Celle.

Santomato is located in a facility that houses within it a substantial private collection, created with the aim of giving Italy a center for contemporary art of considerable thickness.

Inside are stored many pieces high honor that extol the closed spaces and narrow halls, while in the park are abundant outdoor pieces, which interact with the surrounding nature. Many European and American artists have contributed to the population of the park of sculptures, with works of art that seem to converse with the wooded areas and grassy slopes, giving added value to the Tuscan culture.

Tourists will have the opportunity to admire bright and brilliant works such as reconstruction of the "Battle of Jupiter and Titan" performed by artists Anne and Patrick Poirier, who used an artificial stream and a small cave by lightning jagged steel and pieces of huge marble heads scattered along the bed of the stream.

Almost all the sculptures are going back to 1982, when the farm was created, but every year numerous requests for new pieces in order to keep alive the fame and the liveliness of the Fattoria di Celle in Italy.

Tourists can visit in the months ranging from April to September, but you must book early via letter. Tourists must be careful because the entrance is not marked, but simply to note the enormous construction spherical metal to reach the structure.

Useful information for the Tourists

Fattoria di Celle
Via Montalese 7 Santomato (PT)
Phone: 0573 479 907
Fax: 0573 479 486

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