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Piazza della Sala in Pistoia

In Lombard times the square hosted the regis curtis domains, namely the building of Gastaldo. In the following years became the place where every day was organized the food market, which run on all sides of the square, was made up of many small shops with sportelloni wooden benches and stone with exposed food.

The market took life thanks to 'Opera di San Iacopo who granted the permits and controlled the provision of desks. In 1451 he was banned the slaughter of livestock in the open and so were built slaughterhouses in the immediate vicinity and outside, a well to allow the discharge of waste processing of meat. In 1529 he was placed above the well a statue of a lion with the left leg which takes checkerboard coat of arms of the city, was given as well to the name of "Well of Leoncino."

In the years to follow were done various works of restoration and enlargement of the market, with new flooring and movements of the well from Piazza della Sala to Piazza del Duomo and vice versa. Of more recent vintage is the sculpture group of "Around the Sun" by the artist pistoiese Roberto Barni, works in bronze depicting three young blindfolded with an oil lamp in his right hand. The three life-size figures seem to be moving towards various points and the market days it's easy to confuse the crowd in the week conviene that aside for the sale of flowers.

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