ponte sospeso

The suspension bridge

Among the longest pedestrian walkways in the world it connects the two sides of the Lima stream between Mammiano Basso and Popiglio

20 June 2022 / News

The Suspended Bridge is a pedestrian walkway that connects the two sides of the Lima stream between Mammiano Basso and Popiglio in the municipality of San Marcello Piteglio .

Only 80 centimeters wide , however, it allows two people coming from different directions to cross each other. Its length is 227 meters while at the most its height is 36 meters in the bed of the Lima river.

This bridge was for years " the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world " as certified by the Guinness Book of Records but since 2006 this record has been sold to the Kokonoe Yume Bridge in Japan which is still a cable-stayed bridge and therefore structurally different from this one.

It was designed by Vincenzo Douglas Scotti, Count of San Giorgio della Scala, director of the Mammiano Basso rolling mill of the Italian Metallurgical Society to allow the passage of workers who had to move from Popiglio to go to work in the factories located on the opposite side. Without this bridge they would have had to walk paths for about 6 kilometers .

For its construction, which began in 1920, the masonry and support works were entrusted to the head of the masons Cesare Vannucci while the construction of the mechanical part was entrusted to the workshop manager Filiberto Ducceschi .

First the workers anchored the cables between the two banks of the Lima river and subsequently the pedestrian walkway was built consisting of wooden boards and metal nets hooked to the supporting structure.

Over time , maintenance and consolidation works have been carried out by replacing the cables, side tie rods, wooden boards and protections with stronger and lighter materials. In 2014, night lighting was created.

Access can be made from the Mammiano hamlet (Loc. Le Ferriere) or from the SS. del Brennero near the Popiglio hamlet.

Suspension bridge in San Marcello Piteglio

Ponte sospeso

Via Ponte alla Benedetta, 272B
51028 Mammiano Basso (PT) - [Italy]